Friday, February 27, 2009

Visiting the 1st Cav. horses

Today we went to the 1st Cav. barn and fed the horses. Alexis had such a great time will all her friends and the horses. We also got to see Buddy the dog.
In the morning we went to Tiny Tots. As always Alexis had a good time. She loves singing and playing with her friends. There was a book fair at school as well and we got a few books to mail to daddy so he can read them, make a video, and mail them back to Alexis. She loves getting mail from daddy. Today she got the book "Charlet's web" and a recording of daddy reading it.
The mail man was nice enough to bring us the giant boxes Daddy mailed home last week. Inside was his computer, xbox, and some freshly worn clothing for me.
As always we have another great day planned for tomorrow.

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