Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Congrats Heather!

Today we went to a ceremony to honor Heather and other volunteers. Heather was given the Volunteer of the Month for 3-8 Cav. Yeah Heather! During the ceremony they offered childcare so I took Alexis. She did so well! She stayed for about 20 mins till I heard her start to cry. So I brought her out and she sat quietly on my lap eating gold fish the rest of the time. After the ceremony we went to Jason's deli for dinner. It was very yummy!
We had great weather today so this afternoon Alexis and I spend a lot of time outside. Alexis enjoyed playing at the playground, riding in her wagon, and eating blueberrys on the front patio. She made a mess, but had fun.


  1. are those blueberries all over her face??? she looks likes she's enjoying whatever it is :)

  2. Yes those are blueberrys! She loved them and the bath that followed!