Monday, February 16, 2009

Alexis loves tubby time!

Today we had another busy day. I took Alexis to TX Tumblers where they have an open gym on monday mornings. She had so much fun with her friends. Than we all went to Subway for lunch than home for a nap. After a nice nap we went to Heather's for dinner. She made yummy tacos! Alexis and Grace had a great time playing and Little Man watched. Soon I think he is going to be chacing the girls around! Alexis also started saying a few new words today. She "roared" at a lion on the TV. Heather is also thankful that she said sock and brought it to her attention that the baby was not wearing any. We are so lucky she points these things out to us. I don't know where Heather would be with out her telling her how to take care of Creighton.
When we got home from dinner Alexis had a great time in the tub. She has always loved getting a bath. The only part she hates is when we wash her hair.

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