Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving week

We spent Thanksgiving with Aunt Tina and Uncle Brad. Alexis and I drove up to PA the Sunday before Thanksgiving. We had a good time. We went shopping and spent lots of time preparing for thursday. Alex flew up on Thursday and Dieter went to get him from the airport. We had a great thanksgiving dinner. Alexis was only interested in eating the turkey cupcakes I made. They were cute.
I did venture out to toys-r-us for black friday. I got a few things for Alexis. Brad and Dieter sat outside Target for 6 hours to get a new TV. They were successful.
On Saturday we took Daddy to Chocolate World. We had a great time. We did the tour and than Alexis and Daddy decorated a cupcake. Saturday night we rode through the Hershey light display. Alexis loved the rain deer lights.
Our drive home was a tough one. It should have taken 7 1/2 hours and ended up taking 12 hours. The trafic on the 95 was awful!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Trick or Treating 2010

Unfortunately Alex was not able to make it home from jump school on time for Trick or Treating this year. Alexis was a princess ballerina. I made her a tutu and got her some leotards. Aunt Tina, Grand mom and Sophia were here with us. Alexis had a great time, by the end she was a profesional. The first few homes she was a little skeptical about just saying "trick or treat" and getting candy, but she quickly caught on. She got a ton of candy. When we got back I let her eat some while we handed out candy. I think she likes handing out candy just as much as she likes getting it. All in all it was a good night. Hopefully daddy will be here for Halloween next year.