Friday, February 13, 2009

Fun at the "Fair"

We had a great time at our themed dinner tonight. Alexis and I loved the fair food! We even got to make our own funnel cakes. It was actually easier to make than you would think. All the kids had fun running around and should sleep good tonight.
Alexis also had a big day full of Valentines day partys. She had one at Tiny Tots as well as the libary story time. I think we are both partyed out! When we got home this afternoon there was a box at our back door from Grandmom. There were lots of cool new toys for Alexis and some Tastycakes for mommy!


  1. mmmmm funnel cakes. i may have to make more tomorrow. alexis looks so cute and so big at her school party!

  2. It was a ton of fun! And I like your pictures! I don't look as chubby in them! :)