Thursday, March 5, 2009

Learning new words

Every day Alexis learns new words. Today she learned moon and house. This morning we went to Tiny Tots class. She loves singing and dancing with all her friends. Than she played with Ben, Peter and Abby. They played on the swings, pushed the bubble lawn mower, and threw the ball. Alexis is loving the great weather here in TX. After she took a good nap we colored a pillow case to send to Daddy. Hopefully he will love it. I put it in the box along with the 5 dozen cookies I made him and his soliders last night. Than we took all the goodies to the post office. Tonight Heather made us a yummy dinner! Alexis loved the potatos. He tummy was so full it was hard as a rock. We all took a nice long walk after dinner. Hopefully Alexis will sleep good tonight. I included pictures of Alexis putting stickers on daddy's box.

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